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Eat Healthier For No Difference In Cost

This is a podcast discussing your ability to eat healthier for no difference in cost, just by reading the food labels when shopping at your grocery store. To find out several ways to get healthier, get leaner, and look great in your jeans then get the "Fit Into Your Jeans" ebook package at


Save Money By Not Falling For The Tricks Used By Weight Loss Supplement Advertisers

Learn how to save your money and not be persuaded by some of the tricks used by weight loss and diet supplement advertisers.   Keep the cash in your pocket and use it for products and information which have proven to work!

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Motivation Seminar With Tara Marie Segundo
Tara Marie Segundo ( is one of the contributing experts in "Fit Into Your Jeans." In this seminar we discussed motivation and how to have more fun with your fitness pursuits. There is a LOT of good information Tara provided, so get ready to have a great time listening to this podcast! Go to to find the MP3 file with the interview featuring Tara Marie Segundo., PO Box 2384, Addison TX 75001  (214) 335-5348

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